Monday, March 7, 2011

Update - Who's in Control

It has now been 2wks since we had our one on one session with Dan and our "I'm in control" Cairn, and I am happy to report that changed the pack leader around where it should be. Ok, in part anyway! The walking part has improved 100%, when you see us walking up the roadway he is walking nicely right beside you just where he should be and we make the decision on when to stop for a p** break! Many thanks to "Dan the Dog  Father"!

We are still working on the agression, but so far it has gotten much better, we are still using the indoor leash for now (it may become a permanent fixture) to be able to make him do what we want still, but the improvements to date are a good sign (we don't mutter about making a mistake so much anymore!)

As for the "poop eating", he wins on that one! We have resigned ourselves to trying to get out there before he does to scoop up after my sons dog goes out (do you notice something wrong with this picture?) and after much discussion at the pet store on what food to go with (I think I read ingredients on 20 different brands on Saturday- I was sooo confused after the first 10 I couldn't remember which ones were the good ones and had to start all over again!) But we did decide on one with higher protein (they say that is what he is finding in the poop to add to his diet- yeah I know GROSS).

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