Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mother Nature is not in a good mood!

It's March 31st and we just got 5+ cm of the white stuff! I think Mother Nature is 1 day ahead of herself (April 1st would have made more sense). We just got rid of all of the snow on our front lawn, had a little in the backyard, and now we have a snow covered lawn once again. Is it ever going to end? I don't know about you, but this has been the longest winter I have endured for a very long time, perhaps if I was a snow person it would not feel that way, but since I tend to hybernate during the winter months, it has seemed endless! I had even put away the winter boots, gloves and hats, ha! Smart move!

I suppose it could have been worse, there are communities around that still have 3ft mounds of snow surrounding their homes, and even more now! All I can hope is that we will not have to endure a winter like this next year (although I have a sneaky suspicion that we will have a far worse one for the next few years, before we get back to having a no snow winter, as it seems to go in cycles of 3-4 years one way or the other).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diet/Exercise and Me

I have been an off again on again dieter/exerciser type of person for probably 30 years or so now, I guess that shows how successful I have been at it! I have tried them all, and unlike the advertisers, have little success with any of them. I really do think now after reading much more about it that the true success comes from changing your lifestyle for good and the way you live each day. I know that I do better when I portion control, and eat less junk and sweets, I know that, however my willpower is somewhat lapse in judgement when it comes to saying no, especially to chocolate.
Anyway I joined an online fitness group where I log in what I eat, how much I exercise and my weight goals. I even measured myself to see how well I do. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I will let you know each month if I was able to accomplish anything.

The weather is finally feeling like spring, I did some window washing today. Next comes putting away all that winter gear, and bringing out the spring wear! Whew, made it through another winter, each one seems to get harder to bear. Must be that I am getting older!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Some of our Family Members

These are two of the 4 footed children in our household. As you can see from this pic, they are together most of the time, Zues our very shy, rescued cat of 6 years usually likes to make himself comfortable where ever Goliath is (he's our 8 year old American Staff/ Boxer). Although Goliath would prefer not to share, he always ends up having to make room, except with our son's dog who is temporarily part of our managerie as well! Isn't he just the cutest thing you have every seen!

I have to say ever since Moses (he is so handsome!) came to stay with us, the other two have been very good about sharing their space.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th

I am still trying to figure out all about this blog stuff, how to add things, and what to say. I have to say it is neat, or will be once I figure things out. I did manage as you can see to add a picture of our delightful managerie. I was actually trying to add an album or slideshow, but as of yet I haven't figured that out yet.

Did a birthday supper for the birthday boy last night, turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, ribs and baked potatoes and homemade chocolate turtle cheesecake (it was scrumptuous) and turned out really good. I have been on a cheesecake baking binge lately ever since I found some great new recipes. They are so easy and turned out great,,too bad they are so fattening!

Our snow is almost gone (again) since our last snow storm on Monday/Tuesday of this week, and hopefully spring has now arrived to stay. Can't wait til the weather warms up and the ground gets a little less mucky.

We are going to bottle some wine tonight (red) good thing the rack is almost empty! Hmmm wonder where it all went? Gary (my other half, notice I did not say better half:),) made his first batch of sparkling wine a little while ago, and for the past few days we have been hearing loud popping noises every now and then! Getting those wires on is not easy! Oh well, we have to drink each one that pops, hahaha... I was amazed that it turned out so well, easier than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Beginning

This is a first for me, but since I am always reading other blogs I thought it would be good to have a spot to write down my thoughts from the day...for now probably just for me, but who knows what will follow.

Today is my oldest son's birthday, just think 26 years ago today I delivered a 10.5 lb bouncing baby boy! That's right 10.5 from a 130 lb 5ft, 2in body! No wrinkles on that kid by the time he decided he finally wanted to come out to public viewing (he was 3 weeks late, thought he would never give it up), my body gave up before he did. And yep you guessed it, he is still that stubborn, surprise-surprise!