Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There was a recent renovation completed for our major ER center here, and we got to have a look see first hand this weekend, not that I had planned on doing that in the near future, or EVER!

Have to admit, I was a pretty cool cucumber considering the mess my husband made of his knee, in which I mean slicing it wide open, which was a two fold problem. Aside from falling in the first place, and slicing open his knee in the second place, he has an artificial knee and falling down and landing straight onto one is highly NOT recommended! Especially at 1:30 in the morning when your wife is fast asleep and a very sound sleeper to boot (heard a thump but had I not heard a moan as well I may not have gotten up at all!)

The only good thing (if such a thing can be gotten out of this) is that because he has an artificial knee there was very little bleeding, cause of course then I would have been a basket case!

Anyway as I said we got to see the new Emergency unit fist hand, not a bad renovation (for the money they spent!) at least you are no longer on a stretcher with a curtain around you listening to every other patient, or watching all the Dr's and nurses standing around doing nothing, cause now they put you in a room of your own.
We got there at 1:30 am  and were  xrayed and stitched up and gone by 3:30! First time ever we were out in less than 8hrs! Although it could have been the 1:30 am arrival time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

First Session Down

Well,, we made it through our first of four "Puppy Play n train" dates. WOW, is all I can say.

First picture 8 puppies in one room, off leash. (Scary picture isn't it?)

Then picture me huddling my puppy close to me (but not touching him) and spreading my arms around him to keep other puppies at a distance so he didn't get too overwhelmed! Talk about overwhelmed (and I mean ME).

I have to say it didn't go too bad all things considered, except for maybe when the 3rd off leash play time came and Buddy decided he would be the aggressor this time! He had more time outs than any of them!

And after scrounging all around for loose puppy treats,(too bad that  wasn't one of the things he was being trained for) he decides mine weren't good enough anymore, which meant he wasn't so enticed by them to do what he was supposed to do.

Next week we bring his blanket and favorite toy for training (can just picture him stealing all the other puppies favorite toys, oh my!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Must Be Nuts!

It is so easy to forget how much work a new puppy takes, especially after having a dog as part of your family for 9 years, you tend to forget the first 2 years! Those years must fall into a part of your brain that you have only limited have access to! Otherwise why would I go through this again, (call it a lapse of judgement, or big time forgetfulness).
This is "Buddy" our new Cairn Terrier, who is definitely a very strong willed, albeit loveable new addition.  I have been reading up on every site and following blogs for tidbits on training that works for others.

So far we have the "SIT" command working not too shabbily, and "Fetch" (so long as there is a treat involved), however "Stay" and "Come" are in need of work! Lots of work!

So we are attending our first night of "Puppy Play n Learn". That should be interesting. Will follow up on that tomorrow (that is of course unless we don't make it through the first night, or get invited back!)