Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weather Frustrations

Oh the heat (or should I say the humidity)! As much as I hate the cold in the winter (I have said repeatedly that I like to hybernate in the dead of winter months) I have to say when the humidity level is high and all you do is sweat that I hate this time of year as well. Lately our weather patterns have sucked big time, it rains alot during the winter, it rains all of June and July, and then summer finally comes in August and it is so darn hot and humid, you can't or don't feel like doing a thing! Even sitting outside sipping on coolers doesn't do it! All the fans are going 24/7 (that really works wonders for the power bill, don't get me started on that) and really all they are doing is tossing around the warm air in the house, the windows are open, curtains closed, and still the basement is the only place that feels good (that is, when you leave off the dehumidifier that draws out the damp air), yeah I know, kind of defeats the purpose!

I guess we should be glad that we don't have smog to contend with as well. That's one good thing about living here in NS, good clean air, even if it is most often filled with fog. Oh well probably won't last too much longer as our first hurricane (tropical storm) is heading our way, that would be "Bill". The fog rolled back in last night so I think we are starting to see a change in the weather pattern. Bill should pass by late Sunday into Monday. It's always fun to follow the yes he will, no he won't hit land right up until he either does, or doesn't. If I batton down the umbrellas, chairs and toys, he usually doesn't, and if I don't then you guessed it, the track changes and comes right over us! Tropical storms can range from cool, to pretty wild. The rain is not so bad, but the wind when it gets up to 90+ km/hr is nerve wracking, as we are up on a hill and the house and windows rattle so much you feel like they are going to pop right out of the house and the wires sound like they will detach constantly.

September and October seem to be the best months (for me anyway). Just the right amount of heat and coolness, love it, best time to be outside (plus the bugs are usually gone as well(except for the crickets and they don't bother me as much, I really, really hate bugs!) I would love to have fall all year round! I wonder if there is such a place?

Friday, August 14, 2009


I read an article today about dogs that suffer from "thunderphobia",our dog suffers from this, although I had never actually put a name to it before. It is extremely hard to deal with, you can see how much he is suffering, but it is so, so annoying (the panting,the pacing,the look of terror!) We try to ignore him, we try to calm him, we try to take his mind off it, but nothing seems to work, just waiting it out and hoping the storm does not last long (although its not always from a storm as a gun shot or fireworks will set him off as well).

It's funny too as my son's dog doesn't mind the noise at all, my cat seems to love it, he sits in the open door and watches for hours.

I read some people use meds to calm their pets down, but I would think you would have to have them on it all the time as you usually don't know when thunderstorms will actually arrive, by the time I gave it to Goliath it would be over, and he does settle down quickly once there has been no more rolls of thunder for awhile. They mentioned ear muffs for dogs (hmmm, that one might be worth a try!)

Goliath and Zues-now that the storm has passed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

80 and Going Strong!

My dad turned 80 last week, so I thought a party to celebrate was in order, as it's not everyday you reach that milestone, and also because he doesn't like to admit how old he really is! Not that he shouldn't be shouting it to everyone because he certainly doesn't look 80( and I am not saying that just because he's my dad). He is still very active, on the go all the time, and very involved in his family (not sure that is always a good thing (just kidding Dad!)).
Dad shares his birthday with my nephew who unfortunately wasn't there cause he's a working teen now (so we ate his share of the cake!).

Anyway I invited our relatives to come and share the day with us, had a bbq and played some washer toss.... it was nice to get together for something other than a wedding or a funeral as is how we seem to come together these days.

That's my Dad in the middle, looks pretty good for 80 wouldn't you say? Happy Birthday Dad!