Monday, March 14, 2011

Company and Buddy

My dad came to spend the night last night, on his way back from visiting friends. I knew Buddy would be all jacked up for awhile when he first got there, trying his hardest to get to sit on his lap and lick his face. He doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone likes that sort of thing, go figure? So we left his indoor training leash on once Dad got there so we could keep him from invading Dad’s space.

After a multitude of “No Buddy”, “Down Buddy”, “Stay Buddy”, he finally resigned to just looking at him and whining.

He had a great time when I put the bed down (ok it’s not really a bed, just a futon which is ok for one person, but don’t try putting two people on it!), he thought it was meant for him to rough house on and go wild! I knew this was going to be a problem once we retired for the night….. And for sure there he was scratching at the door to get in once Dad had gone to bed. Little bugger thought that was a game too when I yelled at him to get away!

This meant we had to make sure our bedroom door was shut tight, which also meant Buddy was up then down off the bed a number of times before my “angry” voice finally settled him down.

In the morning Buddy usually likes to laze in bed until 9ish (he’s quite the lazy puppy), however because he remembered there was “company” he barked at every little noise figuring it must be Dad and that he should be allowed to go and investigate (cause that’s what dogs do isn’t it?)

And that was only one night! Now you know why we prefer not to have company too often!

And now that company is gone, guess whose catching up on his sleep!

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