Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Think I'm Dying!

I’m dying here! Seriously! I have a full blown head and chest cold for the first time in three damn years. I probably could have gotten through this year with just the sniffles if it had not been for the fact that everyone in the household has a cold (three against one was just too much)!

I think I would rather have a broken bone than be suffering with a head cold, all that crap running down your throat because you can no longer even hold a frigging Kleenex up against your nose anymore. (I need to go buy some of those lotion ones!) Where does all that crap even come from, it’s like a running faucet from your brain!

And of course now the dry hacking cough has started, so guess who didn’t get any sleep last night? (HA! EVERYONE!) Serves them right for passing this on in the first place! I had to constantly have a cough drop in my mouth to soothe the cough. It is really hard to fall asleep while sucking on a cough drop! I haven’t quite mastered the art of sleeping and being able to move that little sucker around continually at the same time, every time I dozed off I stopped sucking on it, it just kind of settles into a corner and waits, until the coughing wakes me up again and I remember to continue to suck on it again. Over and over and over again all through the night it was like a little game of hide and seek in my mouth!

It’s definitely not a time to be seen out in public either, red rimmed and puffy eyes, red and dry scaly nose that you can’t even use anymore to breathe through, you have to keep your mouth open which causes your throat to dry out even more! The only relief for a short period of time comes from spraying shit up my nose!

Seriously a head cold has got to be THE WORST thing ever! And on top of feeling like SH@T, every damn thing I eat tastes the same! I have permanent Cherry Halls flavor in my mouth!

Everyone asks me “How are you feeling?” Really, just look at me! Do I look like CRAP, then YES that’s how I feel!

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