Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gone, Gone, Gone!

Finally, we caught them! And I don’t even feel bad about it being such an inhumane way either since I did not invite them into my house in the first place. So since they were uninvited house guests who overstayed their welcome (I don’t remember sending out an invite) I am now oh so happy that they have been vacated, never to return (thanks due to the “sticky trap things” used since the poison food did not seem to work, at least not fast enough for my liking). I did have to plug my ears while hubby removed the unwanted and captured rodents all while trying to keep Buddy locked in the bedroom with me :)

I am sure Buddy is Oh so happy too, because he wasn’t a happy camper at night when they disturbed his sleep and then he couldn’t get at them! I think they reveled in that fact too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Twenty-six yrs ago today I gave birth to my second little bundle of joy (ok some would say not so little @ 10.2lbs, but he was .3lbs less than his brother). So long ago, but it still seems like yesterday, not sure where the time has gone, but gone it has.     Happy Birthday!

God's Little Joke?

OMG- the HEAT!

They left for awhile, it was like heaven not having them, not that I can even say when they left, it just hit me later on that I hadn’t been having any of my dreaded “tropical moments” anymore.

But I can say when they came back!!
 About 2 months ago they started up again, and this time there was no calling them “tropical moments” it’s more like “tornado minutes!” They swoop in so fast and furious, last for a few minutes, wreak as much havoc as possible in such a short time, and then take off just as fast.
You no sooner get the house temperature feeling just right, then all of a sudden your drenched in sweat (and that’s no exaggeration!) and you have to peel off whatever you can, turn on the fan, grab a glass of ice water, then ten minutes later you have to go put on something a little warmer, turn off the fan, only to repeat the procedure over again sometime during the next hour!

At bedtime I turn the fan on (pointing only at me cause I’m apparently the only one who is hot) and then sometime through the night I have to grab the blankets from the bottom of the bed (where I through them earlier cause I was too hot), fight to move the dog so I can pull them up, and then by the time I do that, and get covered up, I’m sweating again and have to throw them off again!

If this is “Gods Little Joke” I’m not laughing!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


What gives with people? Whatever happened to showing respect for your neighbors?  I don’t think it’s asking too much to at least do the necessary things to keep things like “rodents” from taking over your property! Really, how hard is it to remember that Wednesday morning is garbage morning (ok I realize you do have to put some thought into remembering which week it is, garbage or recycle, but come on it’s not rocket science).

We had gone 25 yrs without seeing any signs of “rodents” (and by “rodents” I am not talking field mice or squirrels, no siree!!!) on our premises. Now for the last 2 yrs we have had signs of them (the dogs ritually circling the shed was a dead giveaway), the same 2 yrs that our neighbors on one side have lived there and repeatedly missed garbage days for 2 and sometimes 3 wks in a row (which because it is collected every second week means that garbage stays out on their deck for 4 to 6 wks!!). So tell me that isn’t reason enough for the buggers to find a home under our shed!

I would have continued to just shake my head at it until the other day when my hubby went to take the green bin down to the end of the driveway and a rat landed on his arm before scurrying off into my garden!!!! (Now just imagine if I had gone to take down the green bin (which I had intention to do that morning before going to work)! But it was raining so I left it….every neighbor on every side of me would have heard me, and I most likely would have been done for the day!

Now it really is going to be the “man’s” job to take out the garbage!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back In The Groove

I haven't been blogging in quite awhile (just in case anybody noticed, no, oh well then it will be as if I had never stopped then) not sure why. I could say it was because not much has happened except the same old, but that wouldn't be quite true. Maybe it's because of the fact that spring pretty much skipped us by and summer doesn't look like it wants to come and stay either and that tends to give people the "blahs" (well me anyway).

Although we had a very wet, windy and cold spring, we did manage to get a few things done, like a new load of crushed stone on the driveway (didn't have to do much for that one except dole out the $$$). Then we had some rocks pulled up out of the back yard so that the ride on mower didn't have to do so many weaves trying not to hit them every time and leaving tall grass all around them (and yes I know I could have pulled out the regular mower or the whipper snipper and gone around them, but there was a reason we got a ride on mower!).  So anyway after doing that which again didn't involve much hard labour on our part (except again the emptying of my pocket book!), but then we had to get a load of top soil to cover everything over and reseed.

Now had a woman been the one ordering and delivering the top soil things would have been much simpler all around with a lot less hard labour, however it wasn't. So instead a very large truck delivered way too much and couldn't get back in the yard with it to dump it on top of the site we dug out the rocks from,, so it got dumped just inside the fence and we had to shovel and shovel and shovel loads and loads of fill! The one saving grace was the tractor has a cart attachment that could be loaded up and driven to the spots and dumped (good thing because the top soil may still have been sitting there to this day!).

And last but by far not the least, we have started renovations on our basement (now that it is back to being our basement and not a living space for son/girlfriend and dog). At first it was going to just be a repaint job, but was convinced we needed to pull out everything and seal up water leaks so it has become a much bigger job.

  • Floor has been ripped up, back to bare cement
  • Wall coverings (all 3 of them!) have been removed
  • Some new gyprock was put up and walls are starting to be crack filled
  • Then soon we will be at the painting stage,,,, and then the new floor (ceramic tiles) will be laid after that
So maybe, hopefully it will all be done by Christmas and I can once again put my Christmas tree downstairs instead of upstairs crammed into a smaller living room. Can't wait!!!

So anyway that's what we've been up to on the labour end of things over the past few months. Although I have procrastinated with my blogging I have been busy!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's The Little Things

The one thing that really burns my a** is when people in the customer service industry fail to use “common sense” when it comes to deciphering promotions. And it always seems to be the younger generation that fails to be able to use this common sense, why is that??

Case in point- Tim’s has a promotion running this week “Get a bagel for 69¢ with the purchase of a beverage”. Seems pretty simple, right? Apparently this is not so.

You can have your bagel for 69¢ so long as you have it either toasted or at least buttered, if you choose to take said bagel and toast it once you get to work (so it is hot instead of cold with congealed butter by the time you get to eat it) then you are buying in “bulk” and you will be charged the full price for said bagel (do I sound just a little peeved!).

Not a great way to start off my morning folks! And yes, I did fire off a “online comment card”!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Short Term Pain, For Long Term Gain

The prospects of what this yard upgrade is going to bring in the future is a little sullied by the prospects of what it is going to bring to us before the grass comes back!