Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I should have just stayed home yesterday!

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I tried to do my community duty and donate my blood yesterday (give me a pat on the back).
 I drove there (cause they no longer set up actually IN my community now due to a lovely new facility in the city) at my designated time, checked in, they did the prick your finger bit (and yes that hurts, brings tears to my eyes) only to be told “your iron level is low”.
I thought ok, they said that last time too but after doing a second check it came out ok, so let’s just check it again shall we. They did. It came out even LOWER the second time!

So it was a wasted trip, other than the fact that I learned I need to eat more green vegetables.
 They suggested an iron supplement but that just makes you constipated and then you have to take something for that, so no thanks, I will stick with increasing my greens a little bit (cause too much greens also causes you know what) and if that doesn’t work well then my blood donating days may have come to an end.

So anyway I figured since I came into the city (sounds funny since really it is only about a 20 min drive from home) I would kill another errand now that I had not filled an hr with donating my blood.
I drove over to the mall to return a digital cable box to our provider’s store. We had received a new box from them for HD Digital Recording to replace it but had to return the old box.
When I got there the nice young girl at the counter turned the receiver over and checked the serial # (what?) and said very sweetly “this is the box you own you need to return the other one you have at home”. OH COME ON, Really? I said very nicely (considering I had just driven 20 min and been turned down for my blood donation), couldn’t you just switch the serial #’s? No, we can’t do that; you’ll have to return the other one, sorry.

I should have just stayed home yesterday!
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