Monday, August 23, 2010

Buy Local

We took in the new Halifax Seaport farmers market that was once located in the old(and I do mean old) Alexander Keiths Brewery spot. Although the old location was what most would probably call "quaint and unique" it was what I would call musty, dark and laid out in such a maze you could go round and round and still miss certain parts of it. The new one is bright, airy, has a really nice view of the water, and even has free parking(albeit very limited).

It is still just as crowded as the original one used to be,(which I thought was due to the narrow windy hallways with 2 lines of people manouvering in a single lane hallway). Maybe as time goes on  it will be less crowded, although with all of the advertising lately for "buying local" maybe not.I guess in one sense that is a good thing, means people are actually wanting to buy locally produced items.

Not sure why people insist on using the market as an "outing" for the family though, really if you have to bring your little ones, perhaps leaving the stroller in the car might be the smarter choice to make, just saying! I watched some of the faces on the little ones in strollers and all they could see were peoples butts in their faces! NICE Mom!

It sure pays to make the round once before deciding what to buy and from whom, as I noticed 4 different prices for the same item from various vendors(hubby wanted a blueberry pie, the berries ranged from $3 to $5 per box, even from vendors parked right nex t to each other(hmmmmmm do they really think people aren't going to notice? And PEOPLE really, didn't your mothers always tell you never buy the first thing you see?)

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Laugh For the Neighbors

Okay Picure this:
                    Here we are 2 middle aged (LOL) people, just took our puppy for his nightly walk (so far so good). We are just coming up the driveway and hubby drops the leash,  you would think after having been gone for a walk the pup would be a little lax now in the observation of  the freedom department, wouldn't you, really?
                   Not so our little monster! The leash had not even hit the ground and he was off and running! Across over onto the neighbors lawn, heading straight down to the roadway, then back up, around and around in circles just as fast as those little legs could carry him! Hubby goes down  to the road, I stay at the top calling out his name (loudly, so as all the neighbors by now know he is loose!), trying to coax the little imp up and away from the road. Meanwhile he just squats down low and looks at me with his eyes all lit up, running towards me, then veering off again running more cirlcles.

                I run to the house, call out for "D" to come out and run back to calling for "Buddy". Poor "D" runs out thinking the worst has happened, only to realize she just needs to hunker down and call for him. And YEP he comes running into her lap at full tilt!! The little */?!

               The true test is going to come when he gets away and no one is home to help gather him up! I can just picture one of us trailing around behind him for hours on end til he tires out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Looking Back

This picture was taken a very long time ago. It was sent to me from a friend also from very long ago.

That's me on the left. I hardly recognize her anymore.

 Oh how I miss those carefree days, when your hardest decision to make was whether to go hang out at the beach or not. Your biggest care was whether or not you were going to be invited or not.

You didn't have to worry about where the money was going to come from for the mortgage, how you were going to help your loved one cope with life, or get your children out on their own. It's probably a good thing that you had no idea what was to come, although had I been able to have a little peek I might have tried to enjoy those days just a little more.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Oh just look at those eyes! Buddy got a haircut. I miss that scraggly face!

After, now you can see those adorable eyes!
Before -Looking all scraggle and cute!