Monday, September 28, 2009

Lost and Found

Last week turned out to be a very cool week indeed! Not only did I make contact with some of my highschool friends that I haven't seen in over 35 years (wow, in print it seems so much longer), but I also met up with a very good friend that I hadn't seen in almost 22 years in the same week! Meeting my lost friend after so long was a truly awesome feeling! I recommend it, as it surely was an uplifting feeling. Alot changes over that many years, but then again so much to catch up on. Looking forward to rekindling that friendship and hoping it doesn't get lost again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Need Of Motivation!

I am in need of a push, a really, really big one, to get myself moving! As much as I hate exercise, I need to get some in on a daily basis, the problem is "motivation", of which I don't have a lot, ok hardly any! And its not like the weather hasn't been cooperating or anything (has been an awesome September). Having an older dog who can't walk as far anymore and a husband who can't either is not helping with my motivation, however, I am the keeper of my own body, so knowing that I really need to stop being such a "couch potato", even if all of the new shows have recently started! Need to watch a few more Dr Oz shows I think, maybe that will get me in the mood?

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have heard a lot of talk about "hot flashes" with the onset of menopause, thought I might have had a few over the past few years. So "WOW" what a shocker when I actually started having them for real! I was not prepared (even though I thought I was) for the quickness and intenseness of them, not at all! You know that feeling you get just before you are going to get violently sick? Yeah well imagine that feeling overwhelming you throughout the day and night, anytime of the day and night, when you are least expecting it. Your just sitting there, watching tv and then out of the blue with no warning, there it is,, the feverish feeling, the sweating, the heart paplitations, OMG how long will this go on? Guess I better start investigating some natural remedies, cause if this is just the beginning, one of us isn't going to make it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feel Free To Comment

WOW! (shaking my head as well) that is my first thought after I read articles either in the newspaper, or on entertainment sites. I always read comments from other readers. I can't believe some of the dribble that I read, a lot of people are either very ignorant or just love to see their dribble down on paper... I guess maybe I should stop doing that and just stick to reading comments from people following blogs, at least most of them seem to put some thought process into their comments (notice I said most).
Why is it that people have so much to say, even before they have all the facts? Is it because their lives are running in such perfect order? I think NOT! People, you need to stop and think before you speak! Perhaps you should ask yourself what you would have done had it been you, before issuing forth a smart assed response to something you feel the urgent need to respond to.