Friday, January 8, 2010

Where Did My Dog Go??

It happened over night, well it seemed like it anyway, because one day he was his usual slightly overweight self, (ok likely that part is our fault for feeding him people snacks) and then this one day it was "Where did all the weight go?"

 He is actually looking scrawny, his collar hangs on his neck, last time I checked it all you could get was the 2 fingers you are supposed to be able to fit under! And  since when did he have ribs showing (we hadn't seen those since he was a pup, 8 years ago!).  Like, when did this all happen? Where was I while he was wasting away, it's not like we haven't seen him in a long while?

This summer we had put him on glucosamene for his aching joints (just like mine) and he had gotten back some energy (he could once again jump up onto our bed (oh yah!- (it was heaven while he couldn't cause then I didn't have to share my side, not my favorite thing to do you see, not even with my husband, I like my space)).

 We knew he had had a bug over Christmas, he was a little listless and didn't gobble his breakfast down like he usually does until much later in the morning, but we didn't notice the weight loss so much (perhaps because he was laying around more than usual) and then he got his appetite back, except that he is still losing weight!

We called our vet but can't get him in until Monday.... so for now he is getting all this loving attention,(not that he didn't get it anyway) even has been allowed to sleep on the bed with us when he can make the jump.

You know he's not feeling well when he stays on the sofa instead of following you out to the kitchen (so not like him, you usually trip over him everytime you move cause he goes where you go, even if its to the bathroom,and then you trip over him again when you open the door!) He should really have been fit with all the up and down he does on a regular basis following everyone who moves, cause he was so afraid he might miss something (food), or that you might leave the house without him!

But OMG the snoring! That's really gotta go (well it's really not snoring, cause sometimes his eyes are still open. Can you snore with your eyes open? It's more like weird breathing sounds when he rests his chin down flat and seems to close off his airways). It's even worse when the other one (dog that is) starts snoring too, one on one side of you, one on the other, not even in sync!

Anyway, we're all hoping that it is just a bug and not an age thing (he will be 9 in March and his breed average is 9), but up until now he has always been quite healthy (albeit slightly overweight, but then so am I :(

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Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Oh, he's a cutie! Hope he's okay.