Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift Of Life

I finally got myself back on track, after a lapse of a few years (and yes I do feel bad about that, especially since it took me so long to start giving blood in the first place!)

I had started to go on a regular basis when I moved into my new job 10 years ago, they set one up where I worked every 2 months, so it was easy for me(and yes I know I should have been able to give anyway without it having to be in such a convenient spot, but come on, people like me don't always do what they should, unless someone pushes or pulls us there!). Anyway I lapsed when I moved out of that building into another spot much farther away (much to my chagrin, but that's another saga).

So when the Red Cross called to see if I wanted to Donate and gave me a place fairly close by that I could attend,I felt bad (really rather embarrassed )that I hadn't gone in about 2 years, so I said you bet, sign me up, get me back on track, make me a better person (ok going a little overboard huh?).

Anyway I did get there today, got through the first little finger prick to see if my Iron was ok, some people I know get to that  part hoping it isn't ,so they get turned away, and they can say they tried but weren't allowed (those would be the chicken sh@#t ones!) Shame on you, and you know who you are!

Then got through the questionaire (this believe it or not is the part that takes up more time than actually giving the blood! )They must ask you in a dozen different ways if you could have any possible chance of having Aids. She took my blood pressure, mine was fine, no thanks to that dang machine! It decided (YES it has a brain) to take a  second one (I think my shirt sleeve through it off, (remembering to wear a loose fitting sleeve would have been really good, duh!) nearly cut off my circulation! My hand was turning blue and I thought my arm would burst! The lady who was in the booth was getting a mighty worried look on her face!! When she asked which arm I preferred to have the blood taken from I said it would have to be the other one cause this one no longer has any feeling in it ! Geez people, way to make me glad I came back!

I do always feel good after donating (getting rid of some of that old tired blood seems to rejuvinate you! ) Well maybe not right away, was just a little Woozy for a few minutes when I first got up, guess that's why they give you juice and a cookie (and these weren't just your average packaged cookies, no sir, fresh baked cookies!) to take away the woozy feeling.

56 more days and I can do it all over again!

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