Friday, February 11, 2011

Share the Road (on second thought) Get Off the Road!

It never fails, after the first 1-2cm of snow hit the road, you can be assured around 9 or 10 pm out come the avid ATV'ers. Never mind that we live on a very busy street, and never mind that we have no sidewalks, and oh yes never mind that it is ILLEGAL to drive on the road!

Last night on their nightly walk they were almost run over by one of those avid ATV'ers racing up the street that they shouldn't have been on  in the first place! No where to move over to because as you can see there is only a small strip of walkway to walk on without being directly on the road, and a car coming up the street as well made it not possible to move over on to the road.
I think it is a great activity when done within the proper and safe common sense rules that should be adhered to. And to top it all off, you guessed it, the driver of that ATV was an adult (as well as an IDIOT)!

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