Monday, February 21, 2011

One on One

I talked about needing to have some extra puppy training (designed specifically for aggression). After doing some research we found a one on one trainer who comes out to your house (so cool). In reading his bio we had high hopes that we wouldn't be throwing our money away, I did not know that you could have a degree in dog training(but apparently there is).
  • Canada West Canine Centre was the first school in Canada of its kind.  It is registered with the Private Post Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia.  The school teaches trainers and educates them on how to train for obedience, advanced obedience, tracking, and curing specific behavioural problems
Hubby got some much needed dog walking training, ( I love it when I'm right) so far so good (for both!) and we both got some "to do's" in the house, one of which is to keep Buddy off the furniture and our bed for a few weeks and to leave his leash on in the house when people are there for some back to basics training. BOY tonight is going to be an interesting night, betting there isn't going to be much sleep in  our room tonight!

I watched in utter amazement when our trainor brought out one of his dogs he had with him from his car, and had him sit on one side of the street while he ran over to the other side to  demonstrate something, and that pooch never moved an inch, did not even look to where he had gone, just sat and waited, oh so patiently! So cool, not that I expect anything of that enourmous feat  from our little bundle of "attitude". I'll be happy  once he knows once and for all who is BOSS!

Next step, that's if we conquer the territorial aggression first, is to investigate the "zapping" collar to get him to stop eating 'POOH"... yeah I know GROSS, EWWWW and all that!

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