Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cute/Cuddly/ Aggressive??

This is Buddy, our 1 yr old Cairn Terrier, who looks cute and adorable here, right? Well looks can and are deceiveing! He can go from cute and adorable to very aggressive in a matter of seconds. One minute he's snuggled up close to you and the next he has either given you a heart attack barking his fool head off because he heard or saw someone moving out on the opposite side of the street even! Or of late if someone, anyone (including family) comes too close to where we are sitting in our living room he goes into "attack" mode! Not so cute and adorable then!

So after some searching we found a triainer who does one on one at your home. He thinks he can get us past this aggression phase, so here's hoping cause I am not looking forward to having to "time out" for ever!

As for the barking at every noise and sight of someone within his vision, he seems to only do this for our benefit (thanks sweetie, but it's really not necessary, really!) because apparently when we are not at home, he NEVER barks! It's nice to know he is looking our for us, but ENOUGH already! Not sure how we are going to make him understand that the neighbors are allowed  in and out of their house.

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