Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny What a Little Pushing Will DO

It has been quite a while since I have done any blogging updates, a lot of troubling things going on and I just wasn't feeling up to filling anyone in on my situation. Things have not improved but I now have some background information to help me along on this new journey. The internet is a powereful tool, although sometimes I think too much information can be almost as bad as too little! I have so many questions not answered yet.

My husband has been dealing (well me too I guess you would say) have been dealing with his depression, and the on going battle of finding the right medication to assist him. During this battle we often were told that new or exaggerated symptoms we found were due to his depression. Although we didn't always feel this was correct, we really didn't have anywhere to turn, so we assumed the Dr's we spoke with were probably right.

Well in fact, we were the "right " ones, we should have fought a little harder to have proper testing done at the time we felt things were not right, but that's what "hindsight" is I guess!

Anyway after finally getting a neurosurgeon to agree to have a CT scan done to give us satisfacation that all was well with his brain, we come to find out that he had had 2 (yep 2!) TIA's (mini-strokes). We were also told at that time that he also had a Brain Aneurysm (but that we shouldn't worry about that so much- WTF!- it was only 10cm long and  no one would really look at until it reached 20 or more- yeah sure not to worry, easy for them to say!)

Our family Doctor then set us up to go to a "Brain Clinic". And guess what, a few days ago we get a call from the actual neurosurgeon who we will be seeing there to tell us that she had gone over the results and that in fact he did not have an aneurysm, but it was really a pool of blood. OK, yeah! A blood pool, now does that sound any better to you? It sure doesn't to me! She did say it was still of concern and we would discuss it once she got to see us after our initial visit to get all of the tests and such done.

So until then (Wednesday is our first visit at the BRAIN CLINIC- that sounds so funny) I will update after that visit and let you know if I feel any better informed or less!

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