Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing But ICE!

We made the decision this past summer to take up the old pavement on the driveway because it was like driving over a logging road! After a multitude of boulders rising up and heaving, cracking the pavement and digging them out each time one appeared and filling with gravel and tar we decided enough of this.

So wonder of wonders, when I went out to go to work this morning in the pouring rain, the entire driveway was a sheet of ice! It's rather daunting to sit in your car looking out and staring down that sheet of ice you know you now have to drive over, on a decline at that!

I looked for a pathway that might have enough gravel showing to grip my tires on, but the only strip showing was upagainst a row of rocks (somehow I didn't think that was the smartest route to take?) so I put the car into the lowest gear I could, and inch by inch crawled to the end, finally letting out the breath I had been holding the whole way down! Good thing I didn't have much further to go or I might have blacked out! Also a good thing the road in front of me was clear pavement or I probably would have ended up in the neighbours front yard!

Hoping someone (not mentioning any names) goes out and breaks up some of that ice (especially since it is going to turn colder and snow, just saying! before I get home.

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