Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Earl Came and Earl Went

Well we have once again survived the annual hurricane that we always seem to endure (although the predictions are usually for 4-5 per year). Generally by the time they hit our province they are downgraded to tropical storms.

This one, Earl, hit Nova Scotia at a category 1 (our last actual hurricane that hit 7 yrs ago was Juan a category 2). We didn't lose any trees this time (most went down with Juan), although we did lose power for about 8 hrs. Which I know is a drop in the bucket compared to what places like the Bahamas and Florida have to endure, but when you are not used to losing your power at all for most of the entire year, it tends to cause some "drama" (especially when you can't flush the toilet, the one draw back from living in the county rather than the city). And what to do to occupy your time(eek! no TV, no INTERNET what will we do!)

The only really unfortuneate part of Earl was the loss of one our friends who after helping out a friend in trouble with his boat and then making the decision to swim back to shore drowned in the rough waters.So sad that this kind of thing happens when performing a good deed.

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