Friday, January 14, 2011

Power Nap Required

I am so damn darned tired! I am sitting here in front of my computer (at work, don't tell anyone!) and I have that feeling like if I close my eyes for more than just a blink they won't open back up. I am sitting here staring at my computer screen, hands on the keyboard, having a Power Nap! If only there weren't open spaces that people can look in as they pass by my desk and see that I have my eyes closed. Can you actually sleep sitting up straight at your desk, I feel like I could, maybe if I rest my chin in my hands like I am in deep thought I could keep my eyes closed long enough to regain enough energy to finish my blog work.

Now this is what I need a "sleep pod"! I wonder if I could make a case for this:
Slowly but surely, the benefits of the classic, 20-minute power nap are getting more recognition, with big companies installing sleep pods at the office and more software applications like Pzizz helping to set the right power nap aural scene. Here's how to get the perfect nap from the author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life, and more on how and why power naps work.

The reason I  am so very tired this morning (more so than most mornings at work) is because someone kept me awake most of the night! Why are men so GD stupidly stubborn? Why is it so hard to ask "sweetie could you please go get me something for this headache, I'm a little dizzie"? BUT NO, instead it's so much better to stumble your way towards the bathroom and then fall "thump" onto the floor! I would soooo rather try and lift a 200lb man up while trying to keep the dog out of his face and then try to support him while stumbling back to bed instead!

(Tonight the Tylenol bottle and glass of water will be placed on the nightstand ready and waiting).

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