Thursday, November 26, 2009

ZEUS- Polydactyl

This was Zues as a kitten. He was a rescue kitten (rescued by my sister) that we brought into our home about 6 years or so ago. He was found under a building with a sibling and mother. He is a polydactyl cat, has 6 toes on all four paws (rather rare to have it on all four). It adds to his manual dexterity, especially funny to watch him hold play objects with his front paws, just like a human!

Ever since he arrived here, he has always been a very anxious cat, especially when someone enters the house, or if the dogs bark at someone, he will take off for a hiding spot, and remain hidden until the unwelcome (by him, not us) have left the premises. I swear one day he will have a heart attack while trying to get hidden fast enough from the approaching danger he seems to feel is threatening him.

I used to feel hurt that he didn't seem to like me, even after all this time, he cuddles up to my husband, sleeps with him if he takes a nap, lets him cut his nails, settles on his stomach every night for a session of rubs. He even hides from me at times when I come in and out, or when I first come home from work. Really after 6 years I'd like a little more excitement shown my way! I mean I feed him, brush out his fur matts (he loves that), give you treats (he really loves that), turn on the water tap so you can get fresh water a dozen times a day (he is one of those cats that will only drink water from the tap, very fussy!)

I read one day, that kittens born outside will almost always choose one person only in the household to be friends with. I guess since my husband was home through the day and I wasn't that is why I'm not his favorite person. On a good note, I'm not his least favorite! That would be my sister, he usually won't come anywhere near her, even after 6 years she has only gotten glimpses of him! Long time to hold a grudge!

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