Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Hits Closer to Home When...

Today has been rather a "fuzzy" day for me, my mind is wandering alot (to one very obstinant spot) and I have found myself on more than one occasion staring at my computer screen here at work, and wondering what is it I was doing (and YES, I do this same thing each and every day!).

Up until today (really last night) I have never  known anyone personally and especially no one related to me who has had breast cancer. Right up until last night that is, and now I do! What a terrible feeling that has been for me, so I can only imagine what my dear cousin is feeling right now. This cousin is the most down to earth, funny, family oriented person I have ever known, and would have been the last person I would have thought of to have been afflicted with this disease. It's not that I haven't had family afflicted with diseases, because I have for sure, but never with this disease, and never so young. For some reason this disease feels different for me than lung, liver, kidney or heart diseases do, not sure why, maybe it's a "woman" thing.
I was so impressed with her straightforwardness and the details that she provided to us (maybe it was theraputic in a way) to explain what she will be going through for the next little while (although it will be a lifetime I guess). Right now she seems to be the strong one,even throwing in some comments that made me smile (typical of her) and I know that everyone will have to pull up their socks and be the strong ones for her as time goes on. I am so glad that she comes from such a close family and that she has a strong connection with the church as well. I am sure this will be what enables her to get through the next period of her life.

A real wake up call this was!