Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Breathe Dear, Breathe.....

Where did I go it all go so wrong? Please someone fill me in, I'm drowning here! Whatever happened to "live, love, laugh and play"? There needs to be alot more laughter and a little less annoyance, anger and pessimism here.

Calm, that's what's needed, the only question is how to make that happen. Any suggestions! Please, before I drown for good, or worse become one of them! Oh my!

 Maybe I could just walk away from it all, turn a blind eye, have tunnel vision, become a Buddhist (aren't they generally a calm sort, hmmm?). Maybe I should take up belly dancing, join a laughter group (you know the ones who just laugh out loud at nothing for a period of time with a group of other people also laughing, supposed to be really theraputic) or better idea,  I should send everyone else there for thereapy.....Food for thought.

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