Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Smaller Dose Please!

Seriously, I don't consider myself a prude, I get the "Gay, Lesbian" thing, I agree they should be able to do their thing and have the same rights as everyone else, but really is it necessary to go to such extremes? And you know I am talking about the AMA's and Adam Lambert. I didn't watch the show (not really my cup of tea, much prefer the CMA's) but I did catch a glimpse of his performance. And he certainly did a performance! Maybe that's all he really wants is to be a "performer" and not just the lead singer in a band? Well if that's the case then, he has accomplished it.

I agree he has tremendous vocals, he looks WOW (if your into that sort of look, and Ok yes I like his looks), and yes he is a great performer. But come on, you have to admit he crossed the line a little too much! It would have been just as great of a performance without the added features of the kiss and the crotch bit, if not a better performance, cause that kind of took away from the singing (in my view).

He even got bounced off one of the morning shows for being too provocative and risky! Gotta love it!

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