Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reality Check

Cops grill elderly couple for waving at little boy
Is this what our communities are coming to now, we can't even wave at a child as we pass by? I actually "gasped" out loud when I heard this story on the news last night!

PICTOU — An elderly Nova Scotia couple says they were accused of attempted child abduction earlier this month after they waved at a child.
“We’ll continue to wave as we go in to get our package of tea and our Aspirin," she said. We won’t let the experience keep us down.
Yes we need to educate our children, and yes we need to be vigilant in watching our neighbourhoods, but a wave? Maybe I better rethink asking for grandchildren!

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kyooty said...

I totally remember my mother telling me to say hi to the neighbours when I walked to school. I wasn't exactly friendly