Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seriously! Your Garbage is NOT my Garbage!

The very nerve of some people, and if I find that nervy person I will be sure to pass along their name, in BIG BOLD letters. I have enough of my own garbage to put out on garbage day, we can only put it out every second week, and alternate with green bags, and this week did happen to be GREEN week not garbage week, by the way. So to that nervy scum who dropped their 2 bags of garbage in my driveway with my green bags, I say please grow up and be mature! How hard is it to know which week is which, huh, it's really not rocket science for pete's sake! They even give out free yearly calendars to put on your fridge to make that much easier. They probably already got caught putting it out on the wrong week, and having left it out and gotten warned by the powers that be to remove it, they decided to toss it into someone else's yard! That's just NASTY and unneighborly. REALLY!