Monday, October 26, 2009

Bigger, Newer, is Not Always the Best

I HATE ELECTRONICS! Or rather I should probably say that they hate me! You do one thing in the wrong sequence and WHAM the whole damn thing gets screwed up. Press one wrong button and golly gee where did the sound go? I swear they do that on purpose so you have to call for support, only for them to tell you there is nothing they can do and you will have to pay more to repair the darn thing than to buy a new one(we already had to do that this year once). The old tv's used to last for 20 yrs, I guess they weren't making enough money, so they had to make great big tv's that break down with the slightest push of a wrong button! Sure add a button so you can rewind to watch a few seconds again(not that that was what I wanted to do)and then hey what happened, no sound?? For pete's sake I just wanted to record a show, how hard can that be? Really hard if your like me!Seriously!