Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fear of Letting Go

I have heard the saying that what I consider as garbage (no longer useable, unsightly, just taking up wasted space) can be someone else's treasures,,, but seriously, a ratty old wicker stand that has sat in a corner gathering dust, been chewed on by our cat? It always amazes me that you put these things out on garbage day (usually the night before) and by morning,gone! Silently tossed into a vehicle that cruises the neighborhood in search of such treasures (didn't even wake my hubby who generally doesn't sleep and hears everything).

It must be a science. I often wonder what their homes look like, or their garages,stuffed with unused treasures? I'm not even sure why it lasted so long in the first place in our home, as like I said it sat in a corner gathering dust for years. Everytime I noticed it I would tell myself to throw it out, and yet there it sat for years and years (and yep I finally did manage to get up the gusto and do it!)

Now for those old doors, blinds etc hiding in the other room! Oh My! Why do I keep these things in the first place? We say we might need them later,and years later we run across them and wonder why we ever kept them?

And although once every other year we clean out a room or space, and feel cleansed, we seem to gather that much more all over again in another room! A never ending cycle we can't seem to break.

I guess it's the letting go part that is ingrained in some of us that is the hardest to break, some more than others! Take my hubby for instance, he says we should hang onto things just in case, then always forgets where he put them, goes out and buys it again when he finds he needs one (thinking to himself "I thought I had one of those") only to find it next year when going through a cubby hole looking for something completely not related. You would think we would learn where to put things that we intend to keep just because we might need it later on, but "NO" we don't. Like I said, never ending cyle!