Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahhh, Fall (It came it went)

What happened to fall? September was pretty great as far as fall weather goes, warm daytime, cool evening, but OMG here came October and although it is only the 13th it is raining, falling to minus temps at night and we even had frost this morning on the car windshield! Not fair, this shouldn't be happening for another 2 weeks yet! I haven't gotten my fill of just moving up to the long sleeves, now I need to find my heavier stuff.... and you know that as soon as I drag it all out, and stuff away the summer stuff, it will turn nice again! (Murphy's law)

Well we did get two fair days this past weekend, enough to get one side of the house sprayed down, now it looks tan color instead of green (hahaha). Only 3 more sides to go!

Now that thanksgiving is over it turns to time to get moving on (here it comes) Christmas shopping! Oh my! Although I have managed a few things so far, which puts me well beyond my usual position for Christmas shopping. But what to get for those who really don't need anything? I no longer enjoy Christmas that much anymore (maybe when the grandkids come along, whenever/ if ever that is).

I got my notice to book my mammogram again and guess what, only a 6 month waiting list! Wow, pretty depressing if you had any worries. You would think for something that only takes 5 minutes, undress, slam your boob up against a cold slab of steel and glass, hold for 1 minute (that hurts the most) then do the other one for 1 minute (hurts even more), and your done!Six months! Crazy! I guess that's why you only get one every 2 years, otherwise you would have to wait a full year anyway! So in reality I guess you are waiting a year and a half.....! You would think the brainiacs of science and medicine could come up with a much easier and less painful way to view your boobs wouldn't you?