Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To

How to properly answer the front door (or any door for that matter) when you have a very deranged dog who goes "balistic" when someone, anyone comes anywhere near the property! Look at this face and tell me you don't think he isn't just the sweetest thing with that puppy dog look!

Well let me tell you, that look quickly disappears the minute he thinks he hears someone approaching from outdoors! He turns into this barking, snarling, scrambling mess of fur that is almost impossible to hold onto, and forget telling him to sit (yeah that works for sure!) cause he has a one track mind when he knows someone is on his property! In the meantime the poor cat (Zues) is now having a heart attach because Goliath has started on his very loud rampage, and he can't get himself hidden fast enough!

And last but not least Moses has now come to see what all the ruckus is about, not that he really cares that  someone has come, but since Goliath is so riled then he thinks he should be too (that's what buds are for). And now we have not one but 2 dogs, snarling and growling, and now you need 2 people, one to hold them back while the other opens the door as narrowly as possible and squeezes outside to talk to whoever had the audacity to come knocking. (The last 3 times it was some young man selling home security systems, yeah like we don't already have our own version!). And usually by the time you manage to get the door open or your body squeezed outside, you guessed it, they heard all the racket and high tailed it out of there!