Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back In The Groove

I haven't been blogging in quite awhile (just in case anybody noticed, no, oh well then it will be as if I had never stopped then) not sure why. I could say it was because not much has happened except the same old, but that wouldn't be quite true. Maybe it's because of the fact that spring pretty much skipped us by and summer doesn't look like it wants to come and stay either and that tends to give people the "blahs" (well me anyway).

Although we had a very wet, windy and cold spring, we did manage to get a few things done, like a new load of crushed stone on the driveway (didn't have to do much for that one except dole out the $$$). Then we had some rocks pulled up out of the back yard so that the ride on mower didn't have to do so many weaves trying not to hit them every time and leaving tall grass all around them (and yes I know I could have pulled out the regular mower or the whipper snipper and gone around them, but there was a reason we got a ride on mower!).  So anyway after doing that which again didn't involve much hard labour on our part (except again the emptying of my pocket book!), but then we had to get a load of top soil to cover everything over and reseed.

Now had a woman been the one ordering and delivering the top soil things would have been much simpler all around with a lot less hard labour, however it wasn't. So instead a very large truck delivered way too much and couldn't get back in the yard with it to dump it on top of the site we dug out the rocks from,, so it got dumped just inside the fence and we had to shovel and shovel and shovel loads and loads of fill! The one saving grace was the tractor has a cart attachment that could be loaded up and driven to the spots and dumped (good thing because the top soil may still have been sitting there to this day!).

And last but by far not the least, we have started renovations on our basement (now that it is back to being our basement and not a living space for son/girlfriend and dog). At first it was going to just be a repaint job, but was convinced we needed to pull out everything and seal up water leaks so it has become a much bigger job.

  • Floor has been ripped up, back to bare cement
  • Wall coverings (all 3 of them!) have been removed
  • Some new gyprock was put up and walls are starting to be crack filled
  • Then soon we will be at the painting stage,,,, and then the new floor (ceramic tiles) will be laid after that
So maybe, hopefully it will all be done by Christmas and I can once again put my Christmas tree downstairs instead of upstairs crammed into a smaller living room. Can't wait!!!

So anyway that's what we've been up to on the labour end of things over the past few months. Although I have procrastinated with my blogging I have been busy!!!

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