Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God's Little Joke?

OMG- the HEAT!

They left for awhile, it was like heaven not having them, not that I can even say when they left, it just hit me later on that I hadn’t been having any of my dreaded “tropical moments” anymore.

But I can say when they came back!!
 About 2 months ago they started up again, and this time there was no calling them “tropical moments” it’s more like “tornado minutes!” They swoop in so fast and furious, last for a few minutes, wreak as much havoc as possible in such a short time, and then take off just as fast.
You no sooner get the house temperature feeling just right, then all of a sudden your drenched in sweat (and that’s no exaggeration!) and you have to peel off whatever you can, turn on the fan, grab a glass of ice water, then ten minutes later you have to go put on something a little warmer, turn off the fan, only to repeat the procedure over again sometime during the next hour!

At bedtime I turn the fan on (pointing only at me cause I’m apparently the only one who is hot) and then sometime through the night I have to grab the blankets from the bottom of the bed (where I through them earlier cause I was too hot), fight to move the dog so I can pull them up, and then by the time I do that, and get covered up, I’m sweating again and have to throw them off again!

If this is “Gods Little Joke” I’m not laughing!

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