Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Salt PLEASE

I am a real "WUS" when it comes to Winter Driving!

Believe me, you don't want me behind the wheel on the road when the roads are slippery,(like, say this morning!) cause I'm the one who drives real slow so she only has to put the brakes on a very minimal amount of time (you know, the one who makes you put your brakes on cause they're going too slow for you)! I start to whimper when I see a stop sign coming up......

 If the weather man (Lady)had told me last night that the roads would be snow covered and slippery, then I would have made hubby take me to work, it's too late to tell  me once I am half way there!

And what's with the no salt or sand policy until hours AFTER the roads get slippery? Come on people if you see it's flurrying out there, get in the damn truck and throw out that stuff you get paid to do!

A woman should be running that department, cause then you would be working the night shift buddy, you'd be out there while I was fast asleep, ensuring that once I get out on the road, its been sanded and salted and then when I put my foot on the brake, my cars gonna stop, not slide into whatever might be in front of or beside me!

I never used to be such a WUS, it only started after I had my first driving accident( having that second one certainly didn't help either)!

 It's amazing how suddenly you can change from a carefree, impowered, confident driver, into a quivering mass of jelly with the grip of death on the steering wheel at all times, until finally reaching  your intended destination (and then you give out that huge sigh of relief (and your whole body goes limp, and you need to sit for a few minutes before you can actually get your butt out of the car, cause you know your legs won't hold you up yet).

 I think I need to move to a no snow zone, or find an at home job.


BigSis said...

I am with you. I hate driving in bad weather and I can't call in to work. Then I'm so stressed out! We're supposed to get 18 inches this weekend. I'm not leaving the house!

Kathryn said...

I totally hear you! I'll match your "WUS" and raise you! I see one flurry and I PANIC!

And I haven't had an accident...yet. I figure it's just a matter of time.

I HATE that out-of-control feeling when you're sliding!!