Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It Starts Earlier Every Year, or So It Seems

Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier every year!

When my boys were little(as in age, not height (I say that cause they're 6'2 and 6'5), we used to decorate the outside mid December (all bundled up and out in the cold, braving the wind and snow) and then the boys and I would put up the tree the week before Christmas.

Then as we get older(my husband and me) and begin to dread being out there in the cold, wind and snow, we started putting up the decorations the first full weekend in December, but still only turned on the light show mid December. Tree started going up 2 weeks before Christmas.

And there we were Nov 29th, putting up the outside decorations, on a really nice, warm (albeit windy) day. However, no way are the lights being turned on yet! No way, nadda, not going to happen! Even if everyone down the street has theirs turned on already! Some of them since the middle of November! OMG people, (or did they just not take them down from last year, and I didn't notice?) That's possible, I'm not know to be the most observant person, tunnel vision you know.

Zues admiring our work!

This is my sister's house, notice the tree is up, one of two, the decorations placed (and Emma lovin up Santa). Uhuh, no way , I am not going there til at least 3 weeks before Christmas (notice the increasing weekly theme?).

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