Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Slowly Coming Together

Okay, inside decorations are now all out and scattered about (my feet hurt from all that work!) now just the tree to put out next week ( I know, most people already have theirs up). The cat has new toys now to play with until he tires of them, and I have more lights to turn on and off each night before bed. But yep, it feels more like Christmas now.

Every second car has a christmas tree tied on top, the neighbours were outside (arguing) putting up their outside lights last night, in the dark (tradition).  The traffic heading to malls is horrific! I am so glad I have finished my shopping, and even have them all wrapped up! Yah me! Traditionally not me! So thumbs up for me this year.

Next week, Christmas baking begins! Guess I better start skipping on the second helpintgs, and laying off the deserts for the next two weeks so I can indulge over Christmas.

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