Monday, April 4, 2011

Reject vs. Spoil

I have been so disillusioned by ALL of the Parties in Government these days, that I had decided I was not going to vote this time (especially since it is something like our 4th or 5th  time for an election in less than 4yrs (actually I have lost count)and because there has been absolutely nothing for the so called “middle class in any of them!

And because each time I see an ad on TV (I want to throw something at it, except for the fact that we have a fairly new flat screen, I probably would) or an article in the news I want to scream “ENOUGH ALREADY”! This acting like children and or bullies (actually I think they act worse than children ever thought of) is just such a huge turn off!

That is until I saw this commentary while watching our local news station one night last week:

A rejected ballot is a 'none of the above' option.
To make a ballot rejected simply make no mark on it. Return it blank. That's it. A jump in the number of rejected ballots will be a far more productive outcome than any vote for the status-quo parties.
Solves my dilemma quite nicely I think!  

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