Monday, August 23, 2010

Buy Local

We took in the new Halifax Seaport farmers market that was once located in the old(and I do mean old) Alexander Keiths Brewery spot. Although the old location was what most would probably call "quaint and unique" it was what I would call musty, dark and laid out in such a maze you could go round and round and still miss certain parts of it. The new one is bright, airy, has a really nice view of the water, and even has free parking(albeit very limited).

It is still just as crowded as the original one used to be,(which I thought was due to the narrow windy hallways with 2 lines of people manouvering in a single lane hallway). Maybe as time goes on  it will be less crowded, although with all of the advertising lately for "buying local" maybe not.I guess in one sense that is a good thing, means people are actually wanting to buy locally produced items.

Not sure why people insist on using the market as an "outing" for the family though, really if you have to bring your little ones, perhaps leaving the stroller in the car might be the smarter choice to make, just saying! I watched some of the faces on the little ones in strollers and all they could see were peoples butts in their faces! NICE Mom!

It sure pays to make the round once before deciding what to buy and from whom, as I noticed 4 different prices for the same item from various vendors(hubby wanted a blueberry pie, the berries ranged from $3 to $5 per box, even from vendors parked right nex t to each other(hmmmmmm do they really think people aren't going to notice? And PEOPLE really, didn't your mothers always tell you never buy the first thing you see?)


kyooty said...

If you have children? you're going to need them bolted down to that stroller? because kids like to touch everything within their reach. Also babies? get heavy. A sling or a back pack might be a great help but not everyone can afford a stroller + a Sling as baby equipment. If your child can walk? chances are they can also reach out and start chomping away at that fresh new apple. A lot of Venders? don't want to be giving away freebies, this is their lively hood. It might be a nice idea to not have to deal with carts and wagons and strollers but in reality for a lot of mom's it's a sanity saver. I know the Fredericton Market is also small, and crowded, I didn't ever take my little tiny children because of this obsticle. They probably missed out on a great learning experience because of my need to keep other customers happy?

K.L.M. said...

@kyooty, wouldn't it be grea if there was one of those "ball rooms" and 1 hr day care provided at this type of permanent farmers market, that would solve eveybodies needs, they might even get more people to stop by (the ones who stay away because of tight squeezes). I must suggest that, would also give some teens a part time too!!

kyooty said...

no I'd never leave my kids with an unknown teen. I've never trusted those "ballrooms" really. I don't know why, just not my thing. I'd suggest doing less "squishing" of the sellers.I also hate it at the grocerystore where they have a bunch of "displays" half way into the aisles? It's hard to shop when these cardboardy thingies are everywhere.