Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yep, Spring is Here!

Yes I think spring is now here to stay finally, if the 2 ducks we saw this morning floating around in the puddle in the middle of our backyard is any indication! That was certainly a first, we have seen them in the culverts out front some times, but never in the back, an indication I guess of just how much water we have sitting in our backyard! Which makes it hard when bringing in the dogs (who seem to want out every half hour or so!) when you have to try to wipe off their muddy feet and legs, while trying to make them stay, while trying not to get your face smothered with kisses and your feet trampled on with muddy feet! Quite a feat at times, especially if you are silly enough to bring in both dogs at one time!

I am in one of my baking moods again, so have tried a new brownie peanut butter cheesecake recipe and a new cheese biscuit one as well. I go for weeks with baked goods in the house (as well as bowls of Easter candy) and then will go for months with nothing!

Fishing season has started so my son is off and we will likely not see much of him, especially on rainy days, as they seem to be the best days for fishing, or so I am told,,, we have not seen any fish at our table yet (they seem to catch and eat), I thought it was supposed to be catch and release?