Monday, April 13, 2009

Backyard Annoyance!

This is our pesky backyard buddy who keeps filling himself full of the bird seed we put out. He even decided to stay around all winter when he noticed that we filled it during the winter this year! He gets a little daredevilish (or he just forgets we have 2 dogs) and moves to the deck to see what he can find there. Once in awhile he gets a little too lay back and almost gets caught! I am sure he must have a pretty strong heart, as he has come close to being a goner a few times, getting himself caught between the 2 dogsand going back and forth between them, or sometimes he gets himself hidden in some pipe at the back of the yard and has to wait them out before he can get himself back to his nest. Yet here he is again, cheeky little devil!
Easter has come and gone, none too soon as I am stuffed with ham and turkey as well as all that "chocolate". You would think we had little ones, with all the chocolate we had around, when in fact its all adults (children none the less). Although even though Easter has gone by, we amazingly had bouts of snow, hail and sleet all day long! Will it never end???