Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diet/Exercise and Me

I have been an off again on again dieter/exerciser type of person for probably 30 years or so now, I guess that shows how successful I have been at it! I have tried them all, and unlike the advertisers, have little success with any of them. I really do think now after reading much more about it that the true success comes from changing your lifestyle for good and the way you live each day. I know that I do better when I portion control, and eat less junk and sweets, I know that, however my willpower is somewhat lapse in judgement when it comes to saying no, especially to chocolate.
Anyway I joined an online fitness group where I log in what I eat, how much I exercise and my weight goals. I even measured myself to see how well I do. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I will let you know each month if I was able to accomplish anything.

The weather is finally feeling like spring, I did some window washing today. Next comes putting away all that winter gear, and bringing out the spring wear! Whew, made it through another winter, each one seems to get harder to bear. Must be that I am getting older!

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