Monday, July 12, 2010

Puppy Skills

Training update: We didn't quite make it through the full four weeks of "Puppy Play N Train", although I stuck out 3 sessions. That was just too stressful (for me!), Buddy enjoyed it thoroughly! There was just too much off leash time for me, trying to chase around behind him, and gathering him up for a "time out" (of which he seemed to require alot of) was not my idea of play. My "little Buddy" has turned out to be quite the little aggressor (too bad I didn't gather that bit of information first).

So we have moved on to the "Skills Training" sessions. They are going somewhat better (mainly because he stays on leash), although he is a little Jekyll and Hyde! His training at home is coming along slow but sure, and as soon as he gets to class he pays me no attention what so ever!

He is definitely your typical Terrier though, very sure of himself, afraid of nothing, especially me when I find him outside "digging" his way to China! He's actually taken a liking to June bugs and grubs, and hunts them down at night and digs them out of the ground (as well as eats them-Yech! and oh so Gross!).

 Buddy taking in some sun.

Buddy finding a little shade where ever he can!

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