Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Buddy

Meet "Little Buddy". Our new addition to our household. I really wasn't sure about getting another pup so soon after losing our beloved Goliath to diabetes, but I also new that one day my husband would just do it anyway, so I gave my 2 cents on what he could have this time (they always seem to just come home with one before, and then how can you say no once they are staring you in the face!)

Anyway Buddy is a 12 wk old Cairn Terrier. He is definitely the dominant male from his litter! We are fighting a hard battle right now with the biting and house training! Not sure who is going to win this battle! I had so forgotten what housebreaking a pup took, it has been so long since we had a little one around.

He is definitely a rough and tumble 5lb bundle of energy! And as you can see from below he is not afraid of my son's big brute Moses. Poor Moses has his nose out of joint a little, he is not happy about having this little monster around, stealing his toys, biting at his feet and having no fear.

We have a big job ahead of his with this little one, and since I am off to Fredericton for a conference it will be my husbands job to go out every half hour, keep insisting "no biting!" and so on for the next 4 days. Love it!

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kyooty said...

Oh a conference you say?...What a cute little fluffball