Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to Normal

Ok, I'm back! Shame on me for being so lax, but there are times you just fall into a rut and just doing some of the simple things like updating my blog seemed to be too much trouble and bother. I have no idea why, maybe it was the winter blues or something like that.

Anyway, April has turned out to be a much better month. To begin with I had a great trip to "Cuba". My very first. It was certainly an eye opener! The best part of course was the beach, all that glorious white, soft, clean sand, and of course that sparkling blue water! Even for someone like me who can't be considered a "beach" person it was heaven!

For someone who doesn't travel very much (ok, never) going through the Cuban airport was a very unnerving event! Especially when we had to go through the check point spot where the man behind the glass just glares at you, never smiles, never says anything except look at the camera (the one you can't even recognize as a camera!) and then continues to look at you, look at your passport, look at you again, and so on,,,, I was starting to have a melt down when he finally said "go".

I was warned beforehand what to expect, but it is still a startling contrast from home. I just wish I had followed the advice to pack some Ketchup and Coffee! A whole week without coffee was stretching my limits a bit! But we did manage to find a pizza place that was actually like home (especially since the originator came from our own province of NS! How cool was that!)

Since it was our first (and most likely not our last) we did some excursions this trip. Loads of fun! All in all it was a great week! It certainly has put me back on track now, ok well maybe it was a start to getting back on track!


kyooty said...

You found NS pizza in Cuba! it's time for me to make a trip. Now which bank will I rob?

K.L.M. said...

Yep, and it was heavenly!