Monday, September 14, 2009


I have heard a lot of talk about "hot flashes" with the onset of menopause, thought I might have had a few over the past few years. So "WOW" what a shocker when I actually started having them for real! I was not prepared (even though I thought I was) for the quickness and intenseness of them, not at all! You know that feeling you get just before you are going to get violently sick? Yeah well imagine that feeling overwhelming you throughout the day and night, anytime of the day and night, when you are least expecting it. Your just sitting there, watching tv and then out of the blue with no warning, there it is,, the feverish feeling, the sweating, the heart paplitations, OMG how long will this go on? Guess I better start investigating some natural remedies, cause if this is just the beginning, one of us isn't going to make it!