Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feel Free To Comment

WOW! (shaking my head as well) that is my first thought after I read articles either in the newspaper, or on entertainment sites. I always read comments from other readers. I can't believe some of the dribble that I read, a lot of people are either very ignorant or just love to see their dribble down on paper... I guess maybe I should stop doing that and just stick to reading comments from people following blogs, at least most of them seem to put some thought process into their comments (notice I said most).
Why is it that people have so much to say, even before they have all the facts? Is it because their lives are running in such perfect order? I think NOT! People, you need to stop and think before you speak! Perhaps you should ask yourself what you would have done had it been you, before issuing forth a smart assed response to something you feel the urgent need to respond to.