Wednesday, August 12, 2009

80 and Going Strong!

My dad turned 80 last week, so I thought a party to celebrate was in order, as it's not everyday you reach that milestone, and also because he doesn't like to admit how old he really is! Not that he shouldn't be shouting it to everyone because he certainly doesn't look 80( and I am not saying that just because he's my dad). He is still very active, on the go all the time, and very involved in his family (not sure that is always a good thing (just kidding Dad!)).
Dad shares his birthday with my nephew who unfortunately wasn't there cause he's a working teen now (so we ate his share of the cake!).

Anyway I invited our relatives to come and share the day with us, had a bbq and played some washer toss.... it was nice to get together for something other than a wedding or a funeral as is how we seem to come together these days.

That's my Dad in the middle, looks pretty good for 80 wouldn't you say? Happy Birthday Dad!