Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Must Be Nuts!

It is so easy to forget how much work a new puppy takes, especially after having a dog as part of your family for 9 years, you tend to forget the first 2 years! Those years must fall into a part of your brain that you have only limited have access to! Otherwise why would I go through this again, (call it a lapse of judgement, or big time forgetfulness).
This is "Buddy" our new Cairn Terrier, who is definitely a very strong willed, albeit loveable new addition.  I have been reading up on every site and following blogs for tidbits on training that works for others.

So far we have the "SIT" command working not too shabbily, and "Fetch" (so long as there is a treat involved), however "Stay" and "Come" are in need of work! Lots of work!

So we are attending our first night of "Puppy Play n Learn". That should be interesting. Will follow up on that tomorrow (that is of course unless we don't make it through the first night, or get invited back!)

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