Tuesday, March 2, 2010

January Ramblings

I haven't been a very consistent blogger so far this year (but then again, so far this year has really sucked!)

I promise to get better at it, blogging and reading blogs has been somewhat of a life saver for 2009, and although 2010 has  started out "sucky", I am really hoping with a little (OK maybe a big push) I can get my mojo moving again.

Hey, I just noticed my blog now has spell check! Yeah! Great! (I really, really needed it).

In 2010 so far our cat succumbed to kidney failure, our dog lost his battle with diabetes and we have just gone through a horrendous weekend of gale force winds and rain that knocked down our chain link fence (that we just finished repairing this summer I might add, kinda makes you think they didn't do such a good job). So guy is coming out tomorrow (next day if I don't get this posted tonight) to have a look at it, but since the deductible  is $500, not sure it will be worth it or not, although with our luck have a feeling it will be double that at least.

And after my son put the chimney cap back up on the chimney (thanks once again to those gale force winds) he noticed a few shingles are torn and possibly missing! He did say there was no wood showing, I guess that was the good part of the bad news. Have I said how much I hate wind, snow, rain, etc,etc. Or maybe it's just owning a house and the constant, never ending stream of money that seems to go out!

There is a bright spot (at least I hope that's what it turns out to be), as we are heading to Cuba for 8 days at the end of this month! Sun, drinks, sand, drinks, (get the drift). And I am so hoping that it will be the turning point for a much smoother and nicer 2010.

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